Introducing Work Canberra

The first time I seriously thought about starting a friendly space for freelancers and smaller businesses, it was something to aspire to but something I would have struggled to bring to life. That was back in 2014, and 5 years on I am excited to say that this goal is slowly becoming a reality!

Futuretheory has relocated to our new home, and along with that move, are opening up Work Canberra. Work Canberra will be a curated space for freelancers and smaller businesses, along with a studio and everything else outlined below – based at 169 Newcastle Street, Fyshwick. We’re planning to welcome our first residents in late June/early July but you’re welcome to pop past to have a look (and help us put furniture together!).

The space

Here’s a quick breakdown of the space and how the 110 square metres of floor space will be utilised.



The Studio

The Studio space is designed with videographers and photographers in mind, and is a total of 16 square metres. The main wall at the back is 2.7m tall, and 3m wide, with the whole studio being approximately 6m long. This space will include a 2m x 2m backdrop and three-point lighting setup along with soundproofing to ensure crisp audio.

Open Desks

The Open Desk space is designed for those who work on their laptops from cafes or from home. The Open Desks total five 120cm x 80cm desks with access to wi-fi and discounted rates when hiring the Studio.

Closed Desks

The Closed Desk spaces are designed for those who may need a computer or something more setup and would prefer to stay out of the way. The Closed Desks are split between two lockable rooms, each 9 square metres in sizes and with capacity for up to 4 people.

Breakout Space

The Breakout Space is where we take a break, game on the Playstation, or just relax.


There are bathrooms and a kitchenette on site, with fridge space and a microwave to be added soon along with planning in place to add lockable storage.

Join Us

If you’d like to join us, or have a trial day at the offices, please get in touch.