E21 – Being an independent film maker (Kevin Douglas Wright – Part 1)

On this weeks episode, we sit down with American independent filmmaker Kevin Douglas Wright. For nearly ten years Kevin has run his own production company and worked on a variety of different projects, the most recent one being his documentary “I learned it from you”, which explores the theme of nature vs nurture.

If you would like to learn more about Kevin’s documentary or watch it, use the links below:

https://ilearneditfromyou.com/about/ (Website)

https://www.amazon.com/Learned-You-Kevin-Douglas-Wright/dp/B07WDZ2WYM (Amazon page)

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Time Stamps

0m 00s – Intro

0m 38s – Kevin discusses his background as an independent filmmaker and where you can find his films

4m 00s – Germaine asks what started Kevin down his career path

9m 28s – Kevin reflects on his experience being a mature aged film student

11m 30s – Germaine and Kevin discuss whether you should immediately buy expensive recording equipment if you are trying to make video content

15m 35s – Kevin shares some important tips for people looking to make movies or short films themselves