E26 – Being a young business owner (Seb from Capital Dents – Part 1)

On this weeks episode, we sit down with local entrepreneur Sebastian Cuschieri, who started his own paintless dent removal business at the age of 21 and discuss what led him down this career path. To watch the full unedited video version of this episode head to https://futuretri.be/yt

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0m 00s – Intro

0m 38s – Seb talks about what paintless dent removal is, how he learnt his trade and what motivated him to start Capital Dents

10m 15s – Germaine and Seb discuss the benefits of starting a business that has low overheads, particularly if you lack clientele base

13m 40s – Seb outlines how he found his initial customers as well as how he intends to expand this clientele base moving forward

15m 54s – Germaine asks Seb how he figured out his businesses’ pricing model

21m 50s – Germaine and Seb outline why working for free is advantageous when starting out in an industry

26m 30s – Seb talks about the importance of being on time and what this tells customers/employers about your work ethic