E29 Word of mouth marketing and valuing your time (Seb from Capital Dents – Part 2)

This week we sit down again with Seb as he talks about the merit of word of mouth marketing and why even young business owners need to value their time. To watch the full unedited video version of this episode head to https://futuretri.be/yt

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0m 00s – Intro

0m 36s – Seb discusses the merits of word of mouth marketing and how he is branching out into social media marketing

2m 14s – Germaine and Seb discuss valuing your work as you begin being self employed and the responsibilities that come along with it as well

7m 24s – Germaine asks Seb whether this business is a means to an ends or whether he wants to continue to grow in the auto repair industry

9m 20s – Seb admits money is the main motivator behind working hard

13m 34s – Social Plugs + Top 12 segment