E30 Running a business at 13 years old (Kandles by Kierra)

This week we sit down with 13-year-old candlemaker Kierra as she discusses what motivated her to start her business so young, the role her supportive family played in fulfilling her dreams and how she fits this hustle in with all her other commitments. To watch the full unedited video version of this episode head to https://futuretri.be/yt

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https://kandlesbykierra.com/ (Website)

https://www.facebook.com/kandlesbykierra/ (Facebook)

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0m 00s – Intro

0m 36s – Kierra talks about how a Father’s day gift idea lead to her starting her own business

3m 50s – Germaine asks Kierra about how she makes her candles and how she is able to run a business whilst still going to school

7m 10s – Kierra talks about her products as well as her dream of opening up her own physical candle store

9m 40s – Kierra highlights her issues time managing when starting her business initially and other advice she would give young entrepreneurs

13m 10s – Germaine asks Kierra how she markets her candles without having a large budget to grow her brand

15m 25s – Plugs  + Top 12