E31 Everything you need to know about content marketing (Leonie Seysan – Part 1)

This week we were lucky enough to sit down and chat with founder of Article Writers Australia, Leonie Seysan. In this episode she shares the story behind why she started her business, how she was able to grow steadily in such a competitive industry and how you can create good marketing content. As always you can watch the full unedited video version of this episode head to https://futuretri.be/yt

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Time stamps

0m 00s – Intro

0m 33s – Leonie talks about how and why she started Article Writers Australia

8m 30s – Leonie divulges how many people currently work for her and how she has slowly transitioned into running the business as opposed to copywriting

10m 45s – Germaine asks Leonie how she was able to develop a solid clientele base in the hyper competitive copywriting/content marketing industry

15m 35s – Leonie shares her thoughts about the health and viability of content marketing currently as well as what constituties good content marketing

24m 50s – Germaine and Leonie discuss the difficulties they both face in setting limits for the length of project and avoiding situations where you are constantly amending work for clients

29m 40s – Leonie shares how she manages the workload of over 200 employees remotely using work management software