Site Security September

Website security is an often forgotten thing. The common understanding is that an organisation’s website has nothing worth the effort of hacking so that wouldn’t happen, but hackers nowadays don’t care. They’re happy to hack into your website, find nothing, deface it and leave it silently with nothing to show for their efforts. We’ve gone into the benefits of SSL here and explain why you should get one now.

Site Security September is our month of awareness. We want to help you secure your website from the baddies and we’re making it extremely affordable.

Not sure what SSL is and why it’s important?

Our podcast below goes into the details. A chat transcript is also available here.

What is included?

  • Installation and configuration of security
  • Testing of your site’s security
  • Two years of cover for the price of one
  • 256-bit encryption strength
  • 2048-bit signature key
  • $10,000 warranty

Just $149 per site*

*Valid until the end of September. Additional fees may apply depending on your host’s’ requirements and your website configuration. Any extra fees will be discussed with you before we proceed. We will install the certificate and configure it on a website with up to 5 pages at the price of $149. This offer is only valid on WordPress based websites as other website platform requirements are different.

Enquire Now

Send us your details and we will be in touch with you within 2 business days. This process allows to ensure your website qualifies for our offer.